8th January 2019 The Hindu Vocabulary with Tricks

8th January 2019 The Hindu Vocabulary with Tricks

Welcome to The Hindu Vocab, Here we will discuss the one editorial articles and we have memorized moderate level of words, on this page we have provided you some free services. Like-

  1. Free The Hindu PDF of 8th January 2019
  2. Important words with synonyms and antonyms with Hindi meaning, and
  3. In video session, I have discussed the words which are written below, with the Tricks so you can easily memorize the words.
  4. You can also download the pdf of the words which is written below.
Amnesty आम माफ़ी
Syno –  Pardon. Absolution
Anto –  Penalty, Infliction
Ineptitude अयोग्यता
Syno – Incongruity
Anto – Worth, Skill
Tardy  मंदा
Syno – Sluggish, Lethargic
Anto – Prompt, Speedy
Evasive  कपटपूर्ण
Syno – Melee, Evasive
Anto – Direct, Honest
Flagrant  ज्वलंत
Syno -Vivit, Flamig
Anto – Mild, Meek
Ardent  उत्साही
Syno – Zealous, Ardent
Anto – Apathetic, Frigid
Menacing  खतरनाक
Syno – Baleful, Imminent
Anto – Aiding, Assisting
Ubiquity हर जगह पर होना
Syno – Omnipresence, Ubiety
Anto – Localized, Nullibiety
Elegant  शिष्ट
Syno – Featous, Comely
Anto – Inelegant
Malevolent द्रोही
Syno – Deceitful, Perfidious
Anto – Benevolent
Dispensation व्यवस्था
Syno – Regime, System
Anto – Denial, Reservation
Lackluster  मंद
Syno – Feeble, Surly
Anto – Shiny, Lively

These are the words we have discussed in the video, and also we have provided the link below to download the pdf of today’s’ The Hindu News Paper. To the memorize the word must watch the video.

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8th January 2019 The Hindu Vocabulary with Tricks  Watch Video To Memories Word with Tricks

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