7th January 2019 The Hindu Vocabulary with Tricks

7th January 2019 The Hindu Vocabulary with Tricks

Welcome to The Hindu Vocab, Here we will discuss the one editorial articles and we have memorized moderate level of words, on this page we have provided you some free services. Like-

  1. Free The Hindu PDF of 7th January 2019
  2. Important words with synonyms and antonyms with Hindi meaning, and
  3. In video session, I have discussed the words which are written below, with the Tricks so you can easily memorize the words.
  4. You can also download the pdf of the words which is written below.
Unmoor लंगर उठाना
Syno –  Enisle
Anto –  stable, tied down
Tragic दुखद
Syno – Awful, Pitiable
Anto – Joyous, Prosperity
Eminence श्रेष्ठता
Syno -Vantage, Nobility
Anto – Inferiority, Dishonor
Restraint संयम
Syno – Sobriety, Abstinence
Anto – Unrestrained
Abate रोक-थाम करना
Syno -Depolarize, Denunciate
Anto – Rise
Fructify फलवान होना
Syno – Fertilize, Enrich
Aversion घृणा
Syno – Scorn, Malice
Anto – Like
Invasion आक्रमण
Syno –Onrush, Onfall
Anto – Surrender
Drove गल्ला
Syno – Herd, Bevy
Anto – Trickle(मिलने)
Ethnicity  जातीयता
Syno – Culture, Race, Tradition
Dispensation व्यवस्था
Syno – Regime, System
Anto – Denial, Reservation
Lackluster  मंद
Syno – Feeble, Surly
Anto – Shiny, Lively

These are the words we have discussed in the video, and also we have provided the link below to download the pdf if today’s’ The Hindu News Paper.

Download PDF of The Words Which We have Discussed

7 January 2019 The Hindu News Paper (PDF) Download Free


7th January 2019 The Hindu Vocabulary with Tricks  Watch Video To Memories Word with Tricks

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