4th March 2019 Important The Hindu Vocabulary

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1. FURLOUGH (NOUN): (गैरहाजिरी की छुट्टी)leave of absence 
Synonyms: leave, sabbatical
Antonyms: work, endeavor
2. RANKLE (VERB): (खिजाना/चिढ़ाना) to cause bitterness or irritation 
Synonyms: annoy, embitter
Antonyms: comfort, pacify
3. AKIN (ADJECTIVE): (समान) similar in nature 
Synonyms: analogous, comparable
Antonyms: dissimilar, unlike
4. ARCHAIC (ADJECTIVE): (प्राचीन) old and no longer useful 
Synonyms: primitive, old-fashioned
Antonyms: modern, up-to-date
5. CONCORD (NOUN): (समझौता) a state of accord or agreement 
Synonyms: unanimity, harmony
Antonyms: disagreement, agitation
6. BRUSQUE (ADJECTIVE): (बेअदब) blunt in manner or harsh speech 
Synonyms: gruff, discourteous
Antonyms: polite, kind
7. QUANDARY (NOUN): (असमंजस) dilemma 
Synonyms: delicate situation, impasse
Antonyms: advantage, boon
8. CHAFF (NOUN): (छांटन) waste 
Synonyms: debris, remains
Antonyms: assets, possessions
9. ENNUI (NOUN): (थकान) boredom 
Synonyms: tedium, languor
Antonyms: excitement, liveliness
10. GRAPPLE (VERB): (भिड़ जाना) confront 
Synonyms: cope, deal with
Antonyms: dodge, idle

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