31 July The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams

31 July The Hindu VocabularyThe Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams – DipuTony.in

Here is the list of important vocabs of the Hindu editorial. The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams. It has given important words, Hindi meaning, syno, anto, and an example sentence of each word. Try to memorize these words with trick or comment if you do not find the trick, I will help you.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

Friday, 31 July 2020 

1. SCANDALOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अपमानपूर्ण): discreditable
Synonyms: disreputable, dishonorable
Antonyms: seemly
Example Sentence: The newspaper published scandalous images of the movie superstar.

2. ACQUIT (VERB): (बरी करना): absolve
Synonyms: clear, exonerate Antonyms: convict
Example Sentence: Nazim was brought to trial on a charge of affray and was acquitted.

3. RETROGADE (ADJECTIVE): (प्रतिगामी): regressive
Synonyms: negative, downhill
Antonyms: positive
Example Sentence: To go back on the progress that has been made would be a retrograde step.

4. PERSEVERANCE (NOUN): (दृढ़ता): persistence
Synonyms: tenacity, determination
Antonyms: irresolution

5. BANKRUPT (ADJECTIVE): (दिवालिया): insolvent
Synonyms: bankrupted, failed
Antonyms: solvent
Example Sentence: Vijay Mallya went bankrupt and the government had to sell his properties.

6. OUST (VERB): (बाहर निकालना): expel
Synonyms: force out, remove
Antonyms: readmit
Example Sentence: The corrupt officers were ousted from their power.

7. BLIGHT (NOUN): (क्षति): affliction
Synonyms: scourge, bane
Antonyms: blessing
Example Sentence: Romig around without a mask is a blight for ourselves nowadays.

8. DISPLACE (NOUN): (स्थान से हटाना): depose
Synonyms: dislodge, unseat
Antonyms: reinstate
Example Sentence: The billboards were separated hatred among people so the government displaces the billboards.

9. IMPLICATION (NOUN): (निहितार्थ): suggestion
Synonyms: inference, insinuation
Antonyms: an explicit statement
Example Sentence: The implication is that nobody person at the bank is responsible.

10. FUNDAMENTAL (NOUN): (मूल): basics
Synonyms: essentials, rudiments
Antonyms: advanced principles
Example Sentence: Every citizen has there fundamental rights in India.

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It was 31 July The Hindu Vocabulary, Keep Learning – Keep Visiting for More Topics.


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