2nd Jan The Hindu Vocabulary

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1. PERJURY (NOUN): deception 

Synonyms: falsehood, dishonesty
Antonyms: frankness, openness

Example Sentence:

Amit was warned by the judge to tell the truth or else be arrested for perjury.


Synonyms: momentary, short-lived
Antonyms: perpetual, lasting

Example Sentence:
Because styles are so fugacious, he refuses to wear a pair of sneakers for more than a month.

3. EFFETE (ADJECTIVE): enfeebled

Synonyms: drained, exhausted
Antonyms: tireless, capable

Example Sentence:
The employee of that company was effete, so they give him leave.


Synonyms: foxy, ensnaring
Antonyms: fair, honest

Example Sentence:
My neighbors are insidious they always looking at us.

5. DISCLOSURE (NOUN): exposure 

Synonyms: confession, admission
Antonyms: concealment, denial

Example Sentence:

The greater part of the transformation precedes the disclosure of the theory.

6. OUTRAGE (NOUN): violence 

Synonyms: atrocity, abuse
Antonyms: obedience, respect
Example Sentence:

My voice trembled with outrage.

7. UNJADED (ADJECTIVE): innocent

Synonyms: simple, artless
Antonyms: sceptical, leery

Example Sentence:

With an unjaded smile, the little girl denied eating t the cookies.

8. MALADROIT (ADJ): awkward

Synonyms: clumsy, clunky
Antonyms: skilful, tactful

Example Sentence:

The cartoon is based on a maladroit thief.

9. SNOOP (VERB): intrude

Synonyms: peep, pry
Antonyms: ignore, neglect


10. PROFITEERING (ADJ): dishonest 

Synonyms: unethical, unscrupulous
Antonyms: moral, ethical

Example Sentence:

He is known as a profiteering shopkeeper.

2nd January 2019 The Hindu PDF Download Free 


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