24 July The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams

24 July The Hindu VocabularyThe Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams – DipuTony.in


Friday, 24 July 2020

Here is the list of important vocabs of the Hindu editorial. The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams. It has given important words, Hindi meaning, syno, anto, and an example sentence of each word. Try to memorize these words with trick or comment if you do not find the trick, I will help you.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

1. PREVALENT (ADJECTIVE): (प्रचलित): widespread
Synonyms: prevailing, frequent
Antonyms: uncommon

2. SUSCEPTIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (भोला): impressionable
Synonyms: credulous, gullible
Antonyms: sceptical

3. EXORBITANT (ADJECTIVE): (हद से ज़्यादा): extortionate
Synonyms: excessive, sky-high
Antonyms: reasonable

4. BELITTLE (VERB): (छोटा करना): disparage
Synonyms: denigrate, run down
Antonyms: praise

5. UNEARTH (VERB): (पता लगाना): excavate
Synonyms: exhume, disinter
Antonyms: bury

6. CRITICAL (ADJECTIVE): (जरूरी): crucial
Synonyms: vital, essential
Antonyms: unimportant

7. CONTEMPT (NOUN): (निंदा): scorn
Synonyms: disregard, disrespect
Antonyms: respect

8. INSTITUTE (VERB): (आरंभ करना): install
Synonyms: instate, induct
Antonyms: dismiss

9. MISLEAD (VERB): (बहकाना): deceive
Synonyms: delude, lie to
Antonyms: be honest

10. RELEGATE (VERB): (कम करना): downgrade
Synonyms: lower, put down
Antonyms: upgrade


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It was 24 July The Hindu Vocabulary, Keep Learning – Keep Visiting for More Topics.


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