1st March 2019 Important The Hindu Vocabulary

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1. PROLIFERATE (VERB): breed (प्रचुर मात्रा में उत्पन्न करना) 
Synonyms: burgeon, escalate
Antonyms: lessen, decrease
2. INTIMIDATION (NOUN): bullying (डांट) 
Synonyms: coercion, pressure
Antonyms: ease, idleness
3. OPPRESS (VERB): subdue (दबाना) 
Synonyms: torment, trample
Antonyms: encourage, aid
4. CANNY (ADJECTIVE): clever (चालाक) 
Synonyms: dexterous, adroit
Antonyms: foolish, idiotic
5. SCOURGE (NOUN): curse (अभिशाप) 
Synonyms: curse, bane
Antonyms: reward, benefit
6. CRYPTIC (ADJECTIVE): secret (अप्रकट) 
Synonyms: arcane, esoteric
Antonyms: definite, obvious
6. UPTIGHT (ADJECTIVE): nervous (तनावग्रस्त) 
Synonyms: nervy, edgy
Antonyms: unworried, composed
7. DRIP (VERB): drop (टपकना या टपकाना) 
Synonyms: dribble, drizzle
Antonyms: collect, pour
8. PERVADE (VERB): spread through (फैलाना) 
Synonyms: infuse, permeate
Antonyms: block, hinder
9. KUDOS (NOUN): praise (प्रशंसा) 
Synonyms: applause, eminence
Antonyms: condemnation, denunciation
10. DISGORGE (VERB): vomit (उगलना) 
Synonyms: discharge, regurgitate
Antonyms: suck, consume

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