19th Feb 2019 Important The Hindu Vocabulary

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1. OBLITERATE (VERB): destroy (मिटाना) 
Synonyms: annihilate, expunge
Antonyms: assist, aid
2. FRAUGHT (ADJECTIVE): charged (भरपूर) 
Synonyms: filled, replete
Antonyms: empty, blank
3. HERALD (VERB): advertise (घोषणा करना)
Synonyms: announce, bring a message
Antonyms: hide, conceal
4. Untrammeled (ADJECTIVE): free (अबाधित)
Synonyms: loose, unbounded
Antonyms: restrained, checked
5. EMINENCE (NOUN): importance (महानता) 
Synonyms: prominence, renown
Antonyms: unimportance, insignificance
6. CLUTTER (NOUN): confusion (अव्यवस्था) 
Synonyms: disorder, chaos
Antonyms: order, organization
7. OVERHAUL (VERB): repair (पूरी जाँच करके मरम्मत करना)
Synonyms: revamp, reconstruct
Antonyms: damage, destroy
8. COALITION (NOUN): allied group (गठबंधन)
Synonyms: alliance, confederation
Antonyms: disassociation, disunion
9. GRAVITATE (VERB): incline (आकर्षित होना)
Synonyms: tend, be influenced
Antonyms: ascend, rise
10. PERSECUTE (VERB): tyrannize (अत्याचार करना) 
Synonyms: victimize, torment
Antonyms: assist, help

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