16 July The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams

16 July The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams – DipuTony.in


Thursday, 16 July 2020

Here is the list of important vocabs of the hindu editorial, It has given important words, Hindi meaning, syno, anto, and an example sentence of each word. Try to memorize these words with trick or comment if you do not find the trick, I will help you.

1.COMPREHENSIVE(ADJECTIVE): (व्यापक): inclusive
Synonyms: all-inclusive complete
Antonyms: partial
Example Sentence: Her collection of photographs was anything but comprehensive.

2. RESCIND (VERB): (रद्द कर देना): revoke
Synonyms: repeal, cancel
Antonyms: enforce
Example Sentence: The government eventually rescinded the directive.

3. EXCEPTIONAL (ADJECTIVE): (असामान्य): unusual
Synonyms: uncommon, abnormal
Antonyms: usual
Example Sentence: Late claims will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

4. RETALIATE (VERB): (प्रतिकार करना): fight back
Synonyms: strike back, respond
Antonyms: turn the other cheek
Example Sentence: The blow stung and she had retaliated immediately.

5. HARASS (VERB): (सताना): pester
Synonyms: badger, hound
Antonyms: leave in peace
Example Sentence: Being harassed at work can leave you feeling confused and helpless.

6. NORM (NOUN): (मानक): standard
Synonyms: usual, normal
Antonyms: the exception
Example Sentence: She scored well above the norm in math.

7. COMPASSION (NOUN): (दया): pity
Synonyms: sympathy, feeling
Antonyms: indifference
Example Sentence: The victims must be treated with compassion.

8. FLAG (VERB): (थकना): tire
Synonyms: weaken, falter
Antonyms: revive
Example Sentence: If you begin to flag, there is an excellent cafe to revive you.

9. IMPAIR (VERB): (हानि पहुंचाना): damage
Synonyms: harm, diminish
Antonyms: improve
Example Sentence: A noisy job could permanently impair their hearing.

10. FLOUT (VERB): (अवज्ञा करना): defy
Synonyms: go against, scorn
Antonyms: observe
Example Sentence: The advertising code was being flouted.

It was 16 July The Hindu Vocabulary, Keep Learning – Keep Visiting for More Topics.


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